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Competition Ratio's
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Inter-Deanery Transfer
Cross Boundary Specialty Mangement.pdf  View / Download
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Guide to Completing IDT Application & Supporting Documents (August 2019).pdf  View / Download
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Oriel Information
Oriel User Guide.pdf  View / Download
Recruitment Documents
Certificate of Readiness to Enter Specialty Training - Reference Version 2020.pdf  View / Download
CertificateofReadinesstoEnterHigherSurgicalTraining2019v3 (1).docx  View / Download
Code of Practice 2017.pdf  View / Download
Complaints Policy 2018.pdf  View / Download
CREST 2020 - Dean's Support.docx  View / Download
CREST 2020.docx  View / Download
Evidence of Foundation Competence - Applicant Guide 2020.pdf  View / Download
Evidence of Foundation Competence - Signatories Guide 2020.pdf  View / Download
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Fitness to Practise Declaration Form.docx  View / Download
Guide for Trainees Accessing centralised study budgets - accessible.pdf  View / Download
Guide for Trainees Accessing centralised study budgets.pdf  View / Download
Medical Specialty Recruitment Applicant Handbook 2020 v 1.0.pdf  View / Download
Portfolio Preparation Best Practice Guide .pdf  View / Download
Quick Guide - Offer Exchanges and Enhanced Preferences.pdf  View / Download
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