Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


The HEE Overseas Sponsorship Team have developed a step by step guide to making an application and the ongoing requirements of Sponsorship in the form of Frequently Asked Questions, these can be found here.


Less Than Full Time (LTFT) guidance

Further information on Less Than Full Time requirements for Tier 2 trainees and information on the minimum salary requirements for both Tier 2 and Skilled Worker trainees can be found here.


HEE have also developed a LTFT calculator to assist trainees in reviewing these requirements and to establish whether your Less Than Full Time (LTFT) request is likely to meet the requirements of your sponsorship visa.


Please note: Submitting this form will not notify the HEE National Overseas Sponsorship Team of your intention to go LTFT.  In order to meet your sponsorship requirements, you must complete the Reporting Form to include dates and further details of your LTFT arrangements. 


Out of Programme Guidance (OOP)

You can also find information if you are considering going Out of Programme here.


Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) FAQs

Guidance on frequently asked questions on ILR can be found here.


Reporting Form

To confirm any change of circumstances, please complete the attached Reporting Form (this will automatically notify the National Overseas Sponsorship team)